Five Cosmetics That Successful Models Bring With Them to Touch Up Before Castings

Models Before Castings

While fashion-forward runway looks are where we steal our makeup inspiration, it will forever be fresh-faced model beauty we continually covet and seek to master. Before the fashion week circuit even kicks off, models are rushing around from casting to casting, stepping in front of casting agents and creative directors for makeup-free photos. Backstage at New York fashion week we surveyed models to discover their must-haves.


The number one beauty product must-have during castings for every model was moisturizer. When facing the brisk February air while commuting across the city between castings, it’s essential models combat the cold with a heavy dose of continued moisture throughout the day.

Lip Balm

In addition to hydrated skin, models keep their lips moisturized by regularly applying lip balm. Chapped lips are a no-go for castings yet are hard to avoid in the cold, so a potent balm is the key to maintaining a photo-ready pout.

Eyelash Curler

In addition to “lots and lots of coffee,” models swear by a few presses from an eyelash curler to instantly awaken their look, delivering bright eyes and revealing the length of their lashes.


While models are supposed to arrive to castings without a stitch of makeup so casting agents, creative directors, and stylists can see what canvas they’re working with for the show, almost every model admitted to applying just a bit of mascara to help give their lashes a boost.

Clear Brow Gel

Last but not least, models insisted that an essential touch up before castings is brushing up eyebrows with a clear brow gel. A bold, natural brow is the look of the moment and brushing right before a casting to bring volume back to the brows is a trick every model swears by.

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