Bar Refaeli Joins Terry Richardson for an Interesting Photo Shoot

She’s always up for an impromptu photo shoot, and Bar Refaeli recently found herself in front of Terry Richardson’s camera.

The Israeli stunner was all smiles as she worked her magic for the controversial photographer — who even made an appearance in several sultry shots.

And of course, Ms. Refaeli couldn’t help but show off her killer curves in some skin-tight black leather bottoms and a semi-sheer black top. She added a little flare by rocking Terry’s red plaid shit and his over-sized glasses.

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Kemi Adetiba’s Does a Racy Photoshoot for her 34th Birthday

Happy birthday Kemi Adetiba.

On Wednesday 8th January 2014, the Nigerian filmmaker and music director turned 34 years old.

Just before her big day, she had a racy photoshoot with her photographer brother Remi Adetiba.

Sharing the images on Instagram. She captioned it with this;

And it’s finally heeereeee. The big 34. I’m do grateful for life, my crazy and wonderful family, my True-blue friends with that wicked wit and humour that can cut through raw leather and of course you guys. Happy Birthday me. I thank God for loving me, whether I’ve been a good girl or not. I am not the smartest, I am not the most beautiful… But to me and my God, I am the most precious and I thank him for blessing and guiding me despite all. I feel so much great energy about this year. I feel it is the year I evolve more into the woman that I am and have more courage to show it to the world. I’m so grateful for lessons of the past year. I embrace them… I learn from them… So I won’t have to go through them again. It’s promotion times. New course work, class, school shoe and bag. Lol I want to create more and break boundaries and barriers “Kick in the door, waving the 4-4…all ya heard was ‘Kemi don’t….” Let’s have a great one folks. Imma blow out this candle, and then it’s CAKE FOR EVERYBODY!!! #KemiDay

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Behind the Scenes at the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Learn the Models Secrets

It’s just hours before the Victoria’s Secret fashion show — and model Toni Garrn isn’t too afraid to eat.

“My bag is always filled with food,” Garrn told us backstage at the Lexington Armory, opening up her big Miu Miu tote to show off Kind bars, coconut water and raw chocolate.

Most of the models preparing for the lingerie line’s 2013 show on Wednesday were staying away from carbs and gluten — and just about anything else that could trip them up before fashion’s biggest spectacle. (The show airs Dec. 10 at 10 p.m. on CBS.)

Not Garrn, who spent Sunday night partying with boyfriend Leonardo DiCaprio at his 39th birthday party at nightclub Tao Downtown.

“I still went out,” said Garrn. “I’m a dancer. I love dancing and going out all the time. It makes me happy. I can’t cut out everything.”

Other models were more strict preparing for the showcase, which features 40 of the world’s most beautiful women including Karlie Kloss, Adriana Lima, Alessandra Ambrosio and Lily Aldridge strutting their stuff in outrageous get-ups and angel wings, along with performances from Taylor Swift and Fall Out Boy.

British model — and Rihanna’s BFF — Cara Delevingne told us that her outfit this year is so extravagant that she isn’t even allowed to talk about it.

“It’s going to be wicked,” said Delevingne, who has worn the brand’s infamous wings in years past.

Despite her experience on the lingerie world’s biggest runway, she still feels the pressure.

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Some Models Can Make It Without Agencies Because of Connections

Modeling agencies are a common commodity, even in Utah. Across the nation, you can probably find tens of thousands, with the largest in the United States being Elite New York City, Ford Models and DNA Models.  Some models can “make it” without agencies because they have the connections. They know the best photographers, makeup artists and stylists in town. But when you don’t have that network or don’t have time to make it, that’s where an agency comes in.  Lately, especially in Utah, it’s become a question of whether or not agencies are really needed for models to find paying jobs. In my opinion, as someone who does some modeling, they are.

Why should a model in Utah sign with an agency? Agents give models exposure. Using their knowledge of the industry, they can choose your comp card pictures, edit your resume and submit you to the castings that fit you best. They should also have an established network of clients as well as good photographers who can contribute to your portfolio. If you’re by yourself, it’s harder to keep in touch with all the people you need to know and manage the tools you need.

The benefit to being a model in an industry like Utah — a less high-fashion market than, say, New York or LA — means you can book jobs with a “girl-next-door” type look. On the downside, it’s difficult to make a career out of modeling, since the market just isn’t big enough, and there is a stigma of models being snooty, anorexic bobble-heads.

Modeling in Utah is nice because you don’t need to be 6-feet tall and have exact measurements to find work. People come in all shapes, sizes and ethnicities, and many of our state’s models reflect that. However, competition is fierce because of the scarceness of paying jobs, so making a living solely from pictures and runway shows isn’t an option.  Niya Suddarth, owner of NIYA Model Management based in Salt Lake City, says, “There are too many scams in Utah. As an agent, I really protect my models. A model needs to focus on being a model and not trying to negotiate rates and track down money they may never see because they didn’t have a proper contract with the client in the first place.

“I deal with the clients, contracts, finances, submissions, bookings, etc. An agent teaches the model about the industry and helps get them out of Utah if they have the potential … if a model does not have an agent in Utah, there is little chance they will actually get out of Utah for modeling.”

To me, the only negative of an agency is the possibility of getting scammed, but this can be easily avoided with a bit of research and common sense. A tip from the Federal Trade Commission of the United States government is, “Try searching for the (agency) name with words like ‘scam,’ ‘rip-off’ or ‘complaint.’ ” This is a problem especially prominent in Utah because many people aren’t well-informed enough about the industry to know what’s real and what isn’t.


The second a modeling agency mentions you paying them — without them booking you any jobs — or gives you requirements to shoot with their photographer, be wary.  Modeling agencies can be a controversial subject, particularly in a place like Utah where the modeling community is fairly small and it’s possible to find paid jobs without being signed. Some models don’t like the 15-33 percent cut they lose to the agent; some think it’s worth it to be submitted to more bookings and have their images shown to more clients.

From my outlook, signing with an agency is beneficial because it gets you used to the management you’ll need if you want to model outside of Utah, it leaves the technicalities of searching for jobs and obtaining payments to a third party, and it automatically makes the relationship between you and the client a great deal more professional.

God Ispired Fashion from Former Model, Kylie Bisutti

You’ll probably remember Kylie Bisutti, the former model and one-time Victoria’s Secret gal who gave up lingerie modeling for Christianity.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, Kylie is here to remind you with her all-new Christian clothing line, God Inspired, or Gi. The clothing is not only religious in its commitment to modesty (although there are tank tops on offer); the clothes actually feature scripture written right on them. As the website says, “Help put God’s word back in schools. Start a revival!”

That means a hot pink racerback tank with a quote from Romans 10:10 on the back, skinny jeans with “Proverbs 4:23″ written down the leg and a jacket covered in neon slogans like “self-control” and “goodness.” (Yep, for real.)


There are also items for girls, boys and men available, all incorporating inspirational pieces of scripture on the outside of the clothing.

The website includes all the typical e-commerce features a “shopping cart” for ordering online and customer service. But there’s also a curious tab labeled “Prayer Requests”:

Whatever your needs, big or small, our prayer team here at God inspired is dedicated to praying for you. Please submit your prayer request below. May God bless you and keep you…
The clothing will run you anywhere between $16.99 and $119.99. The prayers, on the other hand, are free.

America’s Next Top Model Episode Recap: Kelly Cutrone and Bryanboy trying to get a vibe on the early frontrunners

On this episode of America’s Next Top Model, the models face their fears and still try to look fierce in their first challenge. Tyra is adding new life to the photo shoots. Some couples falter on their way to the alter in a wedding themed photo shoot. Two models are sent home. The sixteen former hopefuls barely have time to celebrate securing one of the coveted finalist berths before they are faced with their first challenge. They get the chance to flaunt their stuff in a Guess fashion show in front of the company’s CEO, Paul Marciano. As if that isn’t nerve wracking enough for the fledgling models, they’ll also have to rapel, face first, down the side of a building, land with a modicum of grace and strut down a more traditional runway.

Backstage everybody is still enjoying the afterglow of their victory. Judge Kelly Cutrone and social media correspondent Bryanboy are trying to get a vibe on the early frontrunners. Renee thinks Jourdan is probably her biggest competition. Kelly and Bryanboy also discover a potential love triangle in the making when they find out Marvin is attracted to Bianca, but Bianca has eyes for former ice cream man Mike. Sorry Marvin, Mike is definitely feeling Bianca’s vibe.
One contender is nervous about the steep drop, Don. He attributes his fear to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder brought on by a brutal beating in 2009. He says now whenever he feels out of control in a situation, he mind reverts back to that event. The challenge is judged by Jessica Hart who was a former face of Guess. The winner of the challenge wins the key to the “Tyra Suite” a luxury private bedroom in the house as well access to the Guess closet.

As the models get strapped in, the skies open, and it begins to downpour. Nina and Chris S. are the first to take the plunge. Nina bites it, because unlike the boys who get to wear sensible shoes, the ladies have to maneuver this stunt in heels. Nina recovers, and both make it safely to the bottom. Chris H. descends looking like a zombie and while Jiana struggles, Cory doesn’t miss a beat. Chlea screams and stumbles the whole way down. Mike gets off to an awkward start, and his runway walk falls flat with Jessica Hart. Jessica thinks he’s literally walking “like he’s got something stuck between his legs.” I guess Jessica doesn’t know much about male anatomy because he does indeed have something stuck between his legs.

Bianca, who is unable to maintain an upright posture, slides down the wall. Both she and Mike are called out for their poor performances by Jessica and Rob Evans. Rob tells Bianca she appeared to give up and says Mike was too stiff. Marvin gets recognized for making hanging perpendicular to the ground look effortless, and Jessica praises Renee for her confidence and amazing poses. Renee winds up the challenge winner.  Renee picks Kanani to share the suite with her. Next the girls head to the closet which is stocked with which is stocked not only clothes but purses, jewelry, sunglasses and shoes as well.

Josh Brolin, Joe Manganiello, Ryan Gosling or Matthew Goode for the Dark Knight?

t’s just a couple of weeks after the film was announced, and already there’s a shortlist for casting Batman in the forthcoming Batman vs. Superman from Man of Steel director Zack Snyder.

The Hollywood Reporter says fan-favorites like Josh Brolin and Joe Manganiello are being considered, along with Ryan Gosling and Matthew Goode, for the “forty-ish” Dark Knight.

Goode and Brolin have already starred in DC Comics adaptations–albeit not ones that are set in the shared DC Universe. Goode was Ozymandias in Watchmen, also directed by Snyder, while Brolin starred as Jonah Hex in the poorly-received film adaptation of DC’s scarred bounty hunter character. Manganiello was at one point rumored to be Warner Bros.’ top pick to play Superman before the Henry Cavill announcement, although Snyder later said that nobody but Cavill was seriously considered.

Gosling, of course, is being rumored as Batman just days after his representatives batted away rumors that he was being sought for Star Wars Episode VII. He, along with Brolin, tends to get mentioned for just about every major leading-man role, so it’s hard to guess exactly how much THR’s sources are just going on conventional wisdom rather than a specific clue.

Richard Armitage from The Hobbit and Max Martini from Pacific Rim are also reportedly in the mix.

How seriously should you take this report, thought? Well, THR opens their story as follows: “First, some words of caution. The script is still being written, so nothing has been submitted formally to reps and actors. Two, according to sources, director Zack Snyder is only just beginning to look at actors.”

Weinstein and Disney plan the Artemis Fowl movie – will Isaac Hempstead-Wright get the part?

The Weinstein Company and Walt Disney Studios recently announced that they’re teaming up to adapt Eoin Colfer’s Artemis Fowl for the big screen. Written by Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix screenwriter Michael Goldenberg and executive produced by Robert De Niro and Jane Rosenthal, the film will combine the first two books in the eight-book series into one story. Readers young and old of the popular sci-fi/fantasy YA series have been waiting for the Fowl film adaptation since 2001 when Miramax purchased the films rights. After 12 years of watching it languish in development hell, we have more than a few ideas about who should play the live-action version of Colfer’s beloved characters.

While Asa Butterfield has proven his acting chops in Merlin and Hugo, and will surely give a commanding performance in Ender’s Game, at 16, he’s a bit too old to play the 12-year-old Artemis Fowl. That being said, such age restrictions haven’t stopped Hollywood in the past. Fourteen-year-old Isaac Hempstead-Wright, known for his portrayal of Bran Stark on Game of Thrones, could be a suitable choice for the criminal boy genius. And while we’re in GoT‘s world, how about Art Parkinson, who plays Rickon, the often-ignored youngest Stark child. He’s currently 12, just like Fowl in the first novel. Plus, with the character’s future appearances on GoT uncertain, he may be free to take on such a meaty role and possible franchise.

Artemis’ caretaker and bodyguard Butler is no Alfred Pennyworth. He’s an imposing, highly skilled warrior with a soft spot for the kid criminal. What about Vinnie Jones (Snatch) or Ray Stevenson (Dexter), who have previously played tough guys with hearts of gold? Even Dolph Lundgren, in a strong push for a career comeback, might be a solid choice to play the vaguely Russian manservant. To infuse some heart and sarcastic humor à la Kat Dennings in Thor, Brie Larson or Abigail Breslin would be welcome picks for Butler’s American-born sister Juliet.
Captain Holly Short and the other magical creatures are more difficult to cast. It’s unclear whether the film will use computer-generated effects to bring the trolls, pixies, centaurs, and other fairy folk to life. Regardless, Being Human’s Kate Bracken or Misfits’ Antonia Thomas would capture the spark of the gung-ho Holly Short. Moreover, Lucy Liu or Sherlock’s Lara Pulver would readily bring the crazy to the sinister pixie and main antagonist, Opal Koboi.

Tech expert and centaur Foaly is one part James McAvoy in Chronicles of Narnia and one part Seth Green in Enemy of the State. An actor comfortable in both science fiction and fantasy settings, Dominic Monaghan of Lord of the Rings and Lost fame is an easy choice to play LEP’s head technological expert. The role of Mulch Diggums requires a talented character actor, which could include anyone from Toby Jones to Danny Trejo. But one of the only actors who could truly express the shadiness — and stench — of the kleptomaniac troll thief on screen is Jack Black.
Who else but executive producer Robert De Niro could play LEPrecon Commander Julius Root? Well, yes many actors could — Tom Wilkinson, James Caan, and Wendell Pierce (Root loves cigars just like Bunk!) to name a few — but I’ll be shocked if De Niro doesn’t firmly plant himself in the role of the hot-headed but kind-hearted “Beetroot.”





Dianna Agron, Kaley Couco, Or Black Lively for Fifty Shades of Grey Movie

The Fifty Shades of Grey movie casting rumors is one of Hollywood’s biggest headlines and the main meal served in the rumor mill. Latest hearsays and speculations point to who will play Kate Kavanagh, Anastasia Steele’s ultra beautiful pal.

The International Business Times writes that “Ana’s stunning and gorgeous best friend and college roomie,” Kate Kavanagh, is an important role that could be played by Dianna Agron (“Glee”), Kaley Cuoco (“The Big Bang Theory”), or Blake Lively (“Gossip Girl”).

Fans around the world are waiting to find out who are the actors and actresses that will participate in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey Movie. Matther Bomer, Henry Cavill, and Ian Somerhalder are all contenders for the leading male role, Christian Grey. There is a short list for the leading female role, Anastasia Steele, as well. But many parts are still open.

Cuoco and Cavill were dating, but rumors report that the two broke up after two weeks of dating. This may create problems for Kaley and Henry on the set, but Kaley still has an advantage over Agron, according to the International Business Times. They say, “Dianna is not a good fit to Kate’s wilder side” and “Kaley has the greater potential of pulling that off.” The International Business Times writes that Lively is married and planning children, so Kavanagh’s very sexy role may not fit Lively’s new life. They say that if Lively has a change of heart, she would be perfect for the role.

Producers of the film have been mum on the cast, but have recently announced the director and release date of the much-awaited book-to-film flick.